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18th km Thessaloniki - Lagada Postal Code: 57200, Greece

Decorative Bricks 

Suitable for outdoor applications and interior decoration. 

Decorative cladding bricks

The feeling of the old with the technology of the modern. Ideal for modern applications that need a traditional look n feel. 

About us


Since 2012, Archi Stone has redefined the field of artificial stone and decorative bricks.

As a member of the Roka Refractories family, Archi Stone has quickly established itself as a leading force in the Greek market and beyond.


Leveraging the power of Roka Refractories' extensive sales network, Archi Stone has quickly become synonymous with unrivalled value. Our commitment to technological innovation, quality and economies of scale means we don't just offer products - we offer the most competitive prices in the market. This strategy has elevated Archi Stone to a leading position, with rapid growth across Europe, Africa and the Arab Countries.

In two state-of-the-art production units with a total area of 38,000 square meters, Archi Stone produces a wide range of products that not only meets but exceeds the market requirements, establishing our name as a guarantee of reliability and quality.