Crete White Artificial Stones

Code: Crete White Artificial Stones
Category: Artificial Stones
Artificial stones Dimension: 25×18.5×1.5
Pieces per m2: 19

Pieces per m2: 27

Our handmade artificial stone is an exact replica of a natural stone found in Crete Island, which is why it is named after it.

The coating artificial stones for indoor and outdoor spaces are a complete solution of masonry products with POL technology, which is water-based and known for offering ecological products without toxic and carcinogenic residues. This, along with the qualitative credibility of the oxides, renders the color of the stone non-perishable in time and imparts the material with low permeability. According to these characteristics the coating stones constitute a material that can be used outdoors without fear, since its quality, along with its aesthetic, are durable under any change of weather conditions.

Detail is the stones’ most competitive advantage, because there isn’t a particular pattern. Instead they are characterized by various notches and levels as can be seen on actual stones, so as to resemble the natural stone.

The handmade artificial stone can be produced in a variety of colors. Each and every stone is defined by its natural unevenness, which gives the aesthetic display of natural stones in its actual colors. Placement is very easy while at the same time you can offer, any space you use them on, aesthetic excellence as well as details of particularity that can render your spaces unique.

*We recommend that you use tile adhesive of your choice with this stone for a better aesthetic result and placement without grouting.

**The products can be manufactured in different colors by the customer’s request.

***Due to analysis differentiation on printed or electronic forms the fidelity of the colors on reproduction may not be entirely accurate. Please request samples, visit our exhibitions or address our cooperating distributors for best service.