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Archi Stone forwarding its already leading position in artificial stone industry, since molds are insourced, offers the unique capability to produce, innovative solutions for decorative stone and bricks in revolutionary colors setting the benchmark for the entire architects, decorators and contractors industry.

About us

The idea of Archi Stone was founded in 2012 aiming at the production of artificial stone and decorative bricks, used on private and public buildings, established at the Greek market.

The brand is part of Roka Refractories. By upgrading the technical infrastructure, the quality and by investing in economies of scale we offer the most competitive prices hence by using the existing clients network of Roka Refractories, Archi Stone evolved into a global artificial stone pioneer, with strong presence in European, African and Arabic countries.

The company owns two manufacturing plants of 38000 m² total surface. The wide range of products and services offered, placed ArchiStone at the top of the industry and became synonym to assurance and quality.

Archi Stone


Archi Stone

Each piece of artificial stone is made separately and comes from a different real stone, giving a sense of the heterogeneity of a natural material. Our handmade artificial stone is an exact…

Archi Stone

The decorative bricks for indoor and outdoor spaces are a complete solution of masonry products. With the use of POL technology as well as the qualitative credibility of the oxides, the colors are rendered non-perishable in time

Archi Stone

Handmade ceramic bricks as they were made 200 years ago in red clay molds where they are baked in a charcoal and wood oven.

Archi Stone

Weather conditions change. Thermobases insulation is one of the most important factors for saving energy. The cost of energy is constantly increasing and the need for insulation is becoming more and more intense.

Archi Stone

Burned Wood is a genuine imprint of various burned logs found unchanged in a forest in the surrounding area of Lagkadas near Thessaloniki. Burned Wood is manufactured in such a way as to…

Archi Stone

Roka Refractory’s Solid Bricks result from a unique synthesis having quartz as its dominant feature, and can be also classified as “geopolymeric” products. The special mixture of mortars adds to our concrete bricks properties such as…

Archi Stone

Artificial Steps are the perfect product to use on your garden or your backyard. Each piece is manufactured separately and is a genuine imprint of real wooden trunks. The dimensions as well as the colors vary since each piece is unique

Archi Stone

Archi Stone’s waterfalls contain a metallic frame substrate which allows them to withstand over 200kg per sq.m. If however the client prefers a stronger frame in order to withstand more weight, it is possible for our company to provide you with a custom structure.


Artificial stone is called a building material that replaces natural stone on the surfaces of both exterior and interior walls. Artificial stones are produced with lightweight aggregates so they are lighter in weight than the natural ones. The lower weight, the lower cost and the variety of products are important advantages that make popular the use of these materials.





Archi Stone

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