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Decorative lining bricks Byzantine White

Decorative cladding blocks Dimension: 210mm x 65mm x 15mm 60 pieces per m2.


Decorative bricks for indoor and outdoor cladding are a complete solution of masonry cladding products which, thanks to POL technology and the quality reliability of the oxides, do not change their color in time and have low water absorption so you can safely use them outdoors if they are not affected by weather conditions.

Due to the variety of patterns of decorative brick cladding, we provide a wide range of colors so that each brick depending on its code provides a natural unevenness giving the feeling of real aged brick in natural shades that very easy to install either with or without grout gives a stunning aesthetic effect.

*Due to the variation in resolution in either print or electronic format the fidelity of the colours during reproduction may not be completely accurate. Please ask for samples or visit our showrooms or partner distributors for your convenience.