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How Decisions Inspire Most Effective Design

Our team worked hard to give you the most unique products relevant to nature. Our products are based in natural stone found in various territories of Greece.


Detail is the stones’ most competitive advantage, because there isn’t a particular pattern. Instead they are characterized by various notches and levels as can be seen on actual stones, so as to resemble the natural stone.

Unique Capabilities

Archi Stone forwarding its already leading position in artificial stone industry, since molds are insourced, offers the unique capability to produce, innovative solutions for decorative stone for fountains in revolutionary colors and shapes setting the benchmark for the entire architects, decorators and contractors industry.

Quality Insurance

Being an in-house developer, we use only our own technical infrastructure, offering turn-key solutions and customized options to the global architectures, decorators and contractors industry. With over 25 years of experience using a protective coating POL which is water based, we offer ecofriendly products that do not contain toxic and carcinogenic substances.

Fountains And Waterfalls

Archi Stone’s waterfalls contain a metallic frame substrate which allows them to withstand over 200kg per sq.m. If however the client prefers a stronger frame in order to withstand more weight, it is possible for our company to provide you with a custom structure.

Every waterfall pattern is special with a dissimilarity in colour. This feature is what makes the structure maintain the look of a real rock.

Our structures don’t have limitations in dimensions and pattern. The surface material is created with such technology as to avoid water damage and preserve the color.

We can process designs made by our team, but we can also work on designs our clients have created. Our goal is to use the space available in order to create something beautiful according to your aesthetic and preferences.