Wooden Steps

Code: Wooden Steps
Category: Steps
Artificial steps are the perfect product to use on your garden or your backyard. Each piece is manufactured separately and is a genuine imprint of real wooden trunks. The dimensions as well as the colors vary since each piece is unique, but most of the pieces can be found at the standard dimensions of 50x 40x 1.5.

Detail is the steps’ most competitive advantage, because they don’t have a particular pattern. Instead they have enough slots just like the ones found on actual wood so as to resemble the real thing.

With the use of POL technology as well as the qualitative credibility of the oxides, the colors are rendered non-perishable in time and the material is imparted with low permeability. According to these characteristics the steps can be used outdoors without fear, since its quality, along with its aesthetic, are durable under any change of weather conditions.